I am a beautiful, intelligent, Dominant Woman who lives like a Queen.
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Faqs Questions Answers & Fetish specialized

Faqs Questions Answers & Fetish specialized

Q : What is your favorite kind of submissive man?
A : I like true worshippers, those who think about Me every day, those who work hard every week to be able to please Me, those who psychologically invest themselves deeply and fully in their devotion and submission to Me. I enjoy a puppy boy who is creative and who uses his creativity to continually try to find new ways and opportunities to serve Me. A favored puppy must be caring, protective, very generous, deeply lovesick and completely loyal to Me.

Q : What can i expect from You, Goddess ?
A : Humiliation, abuse, laughter, and I gain a great deal of pleasure from raping your wallets and cleaning out your accounts. DO NOT bother contacting Me if you are unsincere, stupid, or cheap!

Q : Are you the kind of dominant woman who would be considered a man-hater?
A : No! I certainly think all males are inferior to Me, but that doesn't mean I hate them. In fact, I LOVE My loyal devoted submissives -- the same way you love a docile little dog. I love to train Myloyal puppies and I like to develop intense relationships with them where I am put on a pedestal and they are treating Me like a Queen.

Q : What are your biggest turn-ons?
A : My main turn-ons are teasing and denial, mind manipulation, and financial exploitation. I must say that the adrenaline rush I get from being extremely controlling is probably My favorite feeling of all! I like to expand My powers of control over My slaves to the fullest. I enjoy humiliating My puppies sometimes too, as a way of flexing My powers and demonstrating My control, but I am not into over-the-top destructive degradation. I like to treat My boys like cute devoted lovesick paypets and I always make them feel how Superior I am.

Q :
Do you need to work or you live on the money that you get from your devoted paypets?
A : I do NOT have to work, of course!? I live very luxuriously. I NEVER worked at jobs for My survival. I like to work on various creative projects that I am passionate about but that's about it. My life is pure entertainment, financed by My paypets.

Q : Do You like to have sissies amuse You Goddess? What are Your favorite outfits to make them degrade themselves in?
A : All you pathetic losers amuse me with the idiotic shit you do haha. Well My favorite outfit or get up would have to be, thongs, bra, a maid outfit/hat...A huge dildo sticking out of your ass...a qtip up both nostrils and sticking out of your ears. High Heels, thigh high stocks and LOTS of makeup.

Q : Are You doing real life sessions ?
A : Real life sessions are for the very privileged few. First, a very high level of loyalty must be established. The time period required before r/t worship may vary depending on the slave. I do have MY favorite slaves. Yes, life is not fair with ME... but at least it is exciting! A slave's greatest achievement would be to get on MY good side. To be there is to be in heaven for a sub... unfortunately for you fucks it is very hard to do!

Financial Domination: Obviously this one is a particular favorite of Mine. I adore shopping , I deserve the best and even you know it.. Slaves who want to get used, abused, and wish to be my human ATM. You will provide me with my every wants and desires. My submissives and money slaves, and wallet boys enjoy buying Me presents and sending Me cash because they realize that Spoiling Me is a much more meaningful accomplishment than spending the money on themselves. Even it means you have nothing. Spoil me with no limits. I will be all that matters to you. I don?t care if you have to beg for money out of a tin can. I want it all, so give, give and give till you are broke. Don?t expect to get nothing in return!

Tribute: You will give to show gratitude or that you admire me. A tribute merely shows your submissiveness and worth to Me in the form of a cash and gifts offering. It shows your worship and devotion. Yougive this because it is your calling to do so. Money mouth

Humiliation/Verbal: Funny, here me laughing all at the same time as I begin to humiliate you and tell you what a sorry pathetic slimy worm you are! I enjoy laughing and humiliating you, Calling you all kinds sadful degrading names making sure you remember just how stupid you are to me my attention is all you beg for your little pathetic soul!! Even better if you have a tiny, wimpy worm penis. I will have humiliation tasks for you to complete for me also. This is for you stupid losers who wish to be humiliated and degraded. Goddess loves you stupid losers sending your proof of humiliation pictures.lol Smile

Webcam Worship: Watch me on cam as I instruct you to do as I say. You will need to purchase a cam for this. There are no cam requests on what I would wear or what I preform NEVER. Worship my boots, body, feet, ass, hair, etc. I also preform humiliation cam sessions where you'd get your ass on your cam and humiliate your self. You will have to be currently serving me in order to worship me on my live cam. I do not have cam pay buttons so you will have to send a tribut.

Tease and Denial:
Goddess will be teasing you with my hot precious body. Getting you all hot and streamed up, just ready to burst. I will be ready to leave you with that little stiffy. I feel like it makes me absolutely evil and devious! I will bring you to the edge and keep you there using whatever means necessary. You will only orgasm with my permission and I do not let you get what you want. I will get you all worked up, and then leave your ass with blue balls. You must know you getting an orgasm to me is pointless! I can allow you to or maybe I just won?t!

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